Why Girls Like Guys Who Shave

15 Apr

shavedThere have been many trends that have kept some girls on edge about if they like their guy to have a scruffy presentation of facial hair or to be cleanly shaven and smooth with no hair. Many girls like the shaven look and there are many reasons to this desire to touch a certain type of smoothness.

Many women find that men with no hair and who are cleanly shaven are more attractive than their hairy counterparts. The look that the extra hair gives is not inviting, nor is it appealing to touch. Girls find that the lack of a beard, or facial hair, also makes some guys look younger. With the facial hair some men look older.

Touching facial hair is also another factor. Facial hair can be coarse to the touch, so imagine when a girl is becoming intimate and the scrub of facial hair is rubbing against hers. She is immediately repulsed and her skin is a bit irritated. The romantic, soft touches that started those intimate moments come to an abrupt end because of the bristles on the man’s face.

Still, continuing with the intimate smooth touches using a classic shave, many girls compare guys having little to no facial hair with them being more romantically inclined and in touch with himself. What gal doesn’t like to be romanced? Being ultra masculine is not something a girl wants to cope with in a relationship and having a beard or facial hair is often thought of to be the overtly masculine mentality. Naturally she associates the presence of prickly hairs with a certain coarseness that denotes his character or nature match his personality.

Keeping things organized is what is on some girls’ minds. They like everything to have a place and a place for everything – and this includes on a man’s face. There is no attraction to facial hair which may be out of place and require upkeep and maintenance throughout the day. Some guys are plainly not interested in maintaining a daily beauty regimen. Some girls find it utterly disgusting to find food in facial hair and find that this is a big turn off and not a neat factor.

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