When Assisted Living is Needed

23 Nov

airliner with a globe and autoloader with boxes in a containerGrowing old is just a part of life, but no one likes to admit that they may need help in their everyday living. There is no stigma attached, but rather assistance with chores opens the possibilities for those who are disabled, going through recovery from an accident or operation or the most common reason is for senior citizens.

Senior Home Care is the optimum method for assisted living because the senior gets to remain in their own home and live their own lives with respect and dignity. Senior Home Care empowers the senior to remain as independent as possible while still enjoying all the benefits of growing older.

There are many reasons that a senior citizen would like to have assistance in the home. Women typically live longer than men, so they are the ones left with the home that they both shared. This is a huge responsibility for a woman to keep clean, prepare meals and keep the house in good condition. By having someone come in a few days a week, they can keep the home clean, and if something needs attention, like leaky pipes, taking out the trash or mowing the lawn, they know that someone will be coming and that is a comforting thought.

A home care worker might be more necessary for a family member that lives in their children’s home, but has touches of Alzheimer’s. When the rest of the family goes to work or school in the morning, having a home care worker come to the house during the work hours sets everyone’s’ mind at ease that things are taken care of. These home care workers can run errands, clean and cook healthy meals for your loved one.

A person who is interested in assisted living is someone who does not require 24 hour attention, but has trouble with at least one ADL or Activities of Daily Living. This means that they cannot fully function in certain daily tasks, like cooking, bathing, grooming or dressing and they need assistance there. Senior Home Care allows the client to be as independent as they want to be, while still having a sense of security. This is a win-win situation for all involved.

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