What Causes a Sinking Foundation

11 Jul

sinking foundation 2Sinking foundations can be caused by a variety of problems that include poor preparation of the site before construction. If the soil is not packed around the foundation solid enough, it will cause the foundation to move or shift. If the foundation shifts, it will create cracks in the walls and the floor. Other issues that can make a foundation sink are poor construction, bad drainage and ground movements. Most people will notice that they are having problems with their foundation when they cannot close their windows or doors properly. Another indication of a sinking foundation is when the drywall shows signs of cracking or there is water coming into the basement from the bottom of the walls. The professionals at www.OklahomaCityFoundationRepair.net can explain exactly what the problems with a sinking foundation are and how to go about repairing them in a timely manner. Foundation repair contractors have the proper knowledge and equipment to fix any foundation problems.

Seasonal moisture during the rainy days and temperature changes can affect the soil that is six to eight feet below ground level. The soil going through wet and dry cycles can drastically change the composition of the soil around and under a homes foundation. Ground soil that has experienced a drought and then a heavy rainfall will push the water through the soil at a faster rate. Water moves in a path of least resistance and if that path is under a foundation, then it could create a problem for that foundations stability. The foundation could crack due to settlement after the water has settled into the ground.

Soil that is over saturated in water can double in weight and cause high pressure on foundations. The foundation will lose support from the soil that is heavy with water and will begin to show signs of sinking. Frost in the ground can also heave the floor and walls of the foundation. Cracks and water leaking into the basement could become a problem after a long winter of hard frosts and a rainy spring. Foundation cracks should not be ignored. Water seeping into a basement can cause mold and mildew and create health problems for all occupants.

Every foundation problem is unique to that home or office building. No two problems are the same, but professional foundation repair experts can tailor a solution for any existing problem. Effective solutions can be applied with drainage systems, pressure grouting or foundation piering. Foundations can be raised, and repaired back to the original condition so the home or office is safe for occupancy. Concrete that has become cracked or uneven can be extremely dangerous and cause injuries. Professional foundation contractors at www.OklahomaCityFoundationRepair.net can straighten out any foundation problems economically and safely at about half the cost of replacing the foundation.

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