Tips For Taking Care of your Hair in Humid Weather

07 Mar

Tips For Taking Care of your Hair in Humid WeatherNo matter what point you are in currently in life I think we all could say we could be a little better. We could take care of our bodies a little bit better. We can take pride in our appearance. I know that when I make a concerted effort to dress up nicely, do my makeup, and really make my hair look nice that I feel so much better about myself. That being said, I’m sure that all women can agree with me that hair is super important. Some of us have long hair, some of us have short hair, some of us have different colored hair, some of us have straight hair and some of us have curly hair. We all know that there are tons of products out there to help us achieve the desired results, and how we want our hair to look. However, something that I struggle with is naturally curly hair that I dislike so I always straighten it. But, what happens when you step outside when it is raining, or humid, and all that time and energy that went into straightening your hair and making it look great goes right out the window? Trust me, I face this frustration on a regular basis. So how can we take care of our hair in humid weather? Humid weather is when there is water vapor at a high level, this in turn causes our hair to expand when it comes in contact with the water vapor. This expansion causes hair to get frizzy, unkempt and puffy. We’ve all been there, right? Although you might not believe this, humidity can also dry out your hair. So in order to keep your hair healthy if you live in a humid climate you’ll want to follow some tips.

First, you never want to use a hair dryer to blow dry your hair if you are in humid weather. The added heat, mixed with the drying nature of the humidity can actually cause your hair damage and make it frizzy. In the same likeness, try to avoid using curling irons and hair straighteners as well for the same reason. Second, you want to make sure to use a good shampoo and conditioner. Get a shampoo that reduces frizz and keeps your hair healthy and smooth. There are a few different options for good conditioners. You can have the traditional type of conditioner where you use then rinse out right after you shampoo. Or you can use a leave-in conditioner. You just need to find what works best for you hair. Lastly, there is a specific foam that is great for managing hair in humidity while keeping it healthy. Humidity resistant hair conditioning foam is what I am talking about. It not only reduces frizz, but it helps to keep your hair conditioned during the drying weather in which you live. Depending upon your budget you can try some of these at-home remedies to take care of your hair in humid weather or you can go to a professional salon and let give you a more intense treatment. So although you might have to go through some trial and error to find what exactly works for you, there is product out there that can help to make your hair look great even in humidity! 

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