Throwing A Puppy Party

09 Aug

puppy_partyBirthday parties are not just for human family members. The family puppy deserves to have a birthday party too. But what are the best puppy party places? Most traditional birthday party spots will not allow four-legged friends to run around their establishments. However, most cities and towns do have dog friendly areas in which the party can be held.

Once the guest list has been made, then a location can be chosen. If the puppy has a fenced in backyard, consider that as the best place to have the party. The puppy will enjoy being in his own backyard, and he can invite his friends and family over to party with him. Also by having the party in his backyard, there can be decorations and other birthday party related items. If other dogs are being invited, it is important to set up several water stations for the guests with tails. Also make sure there are plenty of balls, toys, and treats for all the dogs. Do not forget food and beverages for the two-legged guests.

If there is a dog park in the community, this would be another option for a puppy party place. It is important, though, to know the rules of the park. Not all parks allow for dogs to be off their leashes and some separate the dogs by size. The puppy is going to want to invite other dogs his own size if that is the case.

Check with the local doggy daycares. Some pet daycares will host birthday parties. This would be a great option for a puppy party place. Everything is already dog friendly making it a worry free event. Bring toys and treats for all the guests. Party hats would be cute too.

Some parks allow dogs. The party animals may have to be leashed and cleaned up afterwards, but it is still an outside place for all to play. Long leashes still allow for wrestling and playing ball or Frisbee. Make sure the party puppies have access to a lot of water.

If swimming is one of the puppy’s favorite activities, there are dog friendly beaches. He can invite all his friends to a swimming party. Make sure that puppies that cannot swim are watched carefully around the water. Dog life jackets may be a consideration for the party.

Dog bakeries are a big trend. The local dog bakery may allow for a few dogs and humans to have a small party in the bakery. Purchasing treats from the bakery may be part of the deal, but the puppies will not mind.

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