The Road To Recovery Starts Here

11 Nov

The Road To Recovery Starts HereDealing with addiction can be hard, especially when it involves a young person. Not only is this difficult on the person going through the addiction; but the family also suffers. Dealing with this alone is not something anyone should have to face.

At The Palm Beach Institute adolescent treatment is something that we specialize in. Our drug and alcohol center is located inside of a peaceful residential neighborhood, in the beautiful city of West Palm Beach, Florida. Inside our facility you will find love and compassion provide by our staff. Our treatment polices differs from other rehab centers, because we believe in long term treatment.

We provide youths ages 12-17 the necessary skills to overcome their chemical additions, using a 12 step program. Our professional staff carefully analyzes each child that comes into our facility. Our 12 step program takes into account all of the personal belief systems of each child, as well as the cultural and ethnic beliefs that one may have in order to create a plan of action. We work closely with the entire family; making it a group effort that will empower the child to overcome his or her addiction. Knowing so many people are behind you is a great way to gain the strength needed to fight dependency.

The use of Multidimensional Family Therapy or MDFT for short, is a technic used here at The Palm Beach Institute, to ensure that the entire family has a chance to express their feelings and concerns. This multidimensional approach to treatment involves all aspects of the child’s life including their home life and the peer groups that they are involved with about side the home. Cognitive behavioral therapy is also used in this process and studies have shown that this approach has led to less relapse in adolescents, compared to just being medicated for the problem.

Our facility here in West Palm Beach is therapeutic in nature. This drug free environment is set up as a hierarchical program that involves multiply treatment stages. With each stage of treatment the adolescent has increasing levels of freedom both socially and personally until they are ready to be released from our care. Although this is not a lock down facility, our residents are closely monitored to insure the safety of everyone involved.

If your family is facing the tremendous problem that addiction can cause, please don’t hesitate to call our staff and make an appointment today. Get the treatment you and you loved ones deserve and get back on the road to recovery.

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