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30 Dec

The Best In Male GroomingThough each of our shaving brushes are hand crafted and designed so you receive the best results; the art of shaving badger brushes take comfort and efficiency to a new level. As one of our most highly rated products by our customers the badger brushes come with great reviews. You do not need to take a company’s word for how great their product is with endless customer satisfaction and testimonies on the product. Instead listen to your peers who swear by the high quality of the badger brushes.

The long line of brushes ensures that you will be able to find the right brush for you. Whether you are staring an entirely new shaving kit, or just need that one final piece to tie everything together, rest assured the perfect piece for you can be found. With varying colors and designs the available brushes will blend nicely with not only your shaving kit but also your entire decorating motif if that is what you are searching for.

Each of the art of shaving badger brushes are handcrafted. They use top quality badger fur for the bristles to ensure that shaving cream is not only applied evenly, but also to lift the hair; this lends to a much closer and smoother shave. The brushes are course enough to lift the most stubborn stubble, yet soft enough to not irritate the skin. With this high quality brush worries over razor burn and shaving discomfort are further alleviated.

Today, most men tend to use shaving gels. These gels have been manufactured to simulate the use of a true shaving cream and brush. However, sometimes simulation is just not enough. With fewer chemicals being applied directly to your skin a shaving cream and brush is the healthier option. With a proper brush shaving cream can be applied in a manner that lowers the risk of nicks and cuts. Gels on the other hand are limited in the amount and thickness of application.

The badger brush line varies in detail and in appearance, but never in quality. The elegant curves of each brush are designed with your comfort in mind. Though the are beautiful pieces, each brush is also design to be comfortable and functional as well. With top quality craftsmanship and such a high performance rating from repeat customers the badger brush line is one we take great pride in.

Our goal at The Art of Shaving is to ensure each customers highest level of satisfaction, while increasing their quality of life. We stand by each of our shaving brushes, knowing that their performance is exactly what you require. Though we take great care in their design to ensure you own an elegant piece; we require each brush to perform better than expected by our customers.

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