Teaching Your Kids To Take Care Of Animals

13 Jun

kid_with_dogWhen a pet is introduced in the home, there are responsibilities that come with it. The pet needs food, water and a place to sleep. Taking care of a pet is a good learning experience for children, and there are some ways to help teach children about taking care of the pet.

A pet is not a plant, and it cannot go a week at a time with no water. If the pet stays outside, make sure it has plenty of water in a large bowl. If children see that there is no water, then set an empty container on the kitchen table with a label that has the name of the pet on it. Explain that when the container is empty, it needs to be filled and poured into the bowl. If the pet remains inside, it will be easier to monitor the water in the bowl.

A large bag of food with a scoop is the best way to teach children how to feed the pet. Tell the children how much food the pet needs, and find a scoop that is close to that size. This will make it easy not to give the animal too much food or not enough.

Cleaning Up
New pets will sometimes make a mess in the home until they get accustomed to their surroundings. Place newspapers in areas of the home, and when the pet messes on the paper, children can reward the pet with a treat. Children can also take the pet outside at certain times during the day so that the pet can be trained not to make messes in the home. If the pet continues inside, then show the children how to scold the pet in a gentle way.

Make a Schedule
An easy way to delegate responsibilities is by making a schedule. Keep the schedule in a place where everyone will see it. Don’t give one child too much to do. Change the jobs each week so that each child can take care something different with the pet. Examples include emptying the food dish if the food is old, changing blankets in the dog house or taking the pet for a walk if it is a dog. A dry erase board is perfect to write a schedule on because it can easily be erased each week.

To The Doctor
An important part of owning a pet is taking it to a veterinarian. Carmel Animal Hospital is somewhere to go so that the pet can get required shots and routine checkups. The doctor will examine the teeth, hair and bones of the pet to ensure it is growing properly.

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