Teaching Your Kids Safety Around Garage Doors

11 Jul

garagedoor3There are many hazards in and around a home that parents need to be wary of for their children. In fact, accidents in and around a home are one of the most common places that children are injured. That is why it is very important to a child’s health that their parents take proper safety measures throughout their home.

Child proofing a home is one of the best ways to protect a child from injury. This is especially true for younger children and would include children under the age of 10. While it is true that younger children need extra safety measures in place, all children under the age of 18 should know basic safety measures in and around a home so that they can stay safe from harm.

One of the areas in a home that can be of concern for children is the garage door. Because many garage doors are automated, there can be a great deal of concern for children’s safety with them. Especially if a child gets ahold of a garage door opener and mishandles the garage door so it malfunctions. This can be a very dangerous situation. It is very important that children are aware of the many hazards in and around a garage doors because it can save their life or the life of others.

When a homeowner seeks San Jose Garage Doors, they should seek a well qualified installer that is familiar with garage doors, and can offer important safety tips to protect any child in the home from garage door mishaps. Many garage doors have an automatic stop gap in place if the sensors detect something in the way. Other automatic doors do not offer this option. In these cases, there can be some concern if the garage door comes down quickly on a young child playing or riding on a toy vehicle or bicycle.

Keeping remote controls away from children, and keeping a special covering on the garage door control can be great safety tips to keep children safe around garage doors. It should be noted that garage doors can be quite heavy and if it were to malfunction due to excessive usage, the sheer weight of the garage door could kill a child.

Most times there is little concern with very small children getting to the manual control simply because of height. However, this is not always the case if the control panel is placed at a lower height. Homeowners who are installing a garage door should be certain to keep the control button at a height that is too high for a small child to reach. In addition, keeping the remote for a garage door out of the reach of smaller children is essential in ensuring their safety.

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