Shaving 101

24 Jun

shaving3Everyday brings the same chore for men, the chore of shaving. Many men do not look forward to this chore due to the pain of razor bumps or burning on the face due to sensitivity of the skin. Many have switched to using an electric razor but this, too, can be quite painful. Men today have not been taught The Art of Shaving.
Many years ago, men could go to the barber shop for a haircut and a shave. However, with the threat of many diseases due to cuts, new legislation has prohibited barbershops to offer shaves in many states. However, men can still enjoy that “barbershop feel” without leaving their home. It simply takes the proper tools and a basic understanding of how shaving works.
First, the man must take a hand towel and apply hot water. The water should be hot without being scolding. Apply the hot towel to the face without covering the nose and leave it there for about a minute. This process serves to soften the course hair of the beard, thereby making it easier to cut. Afterwards, apply lather to the beard area. It is best to use hot lather and there are now many well made hot lather machines available to the general public. Next, make sure that the razor being used is a sharp one. Using a dull razor will only serve to irritate the skin. Proceed to shave with the grain of the hair. Then apply the hot towel, which at this point should be lukewarm, to the beard area for a couple of seconds and wipe off any excess lather. Next, apply another coat of hot lather to the beard area and proceed to shave against the grain. This process serves to cut off any stubborn hairs that were not cut the first time and provides an overall closer shave. Wet the towel again with lukewarm water and remove the excess lather. Finally, it is important to apply an aftershave lotion. Many men apply an aftershave with alcohol. However, this is very irritating to the skin and extremely uncomfortable to use. Instead, the man should apply a more mild aftershave, such as witch hazel or an aftershave that is specially formulated to be gentle on the freshly shaven area. If using witch hazel, however, it is important to use a lotion on the area. Moisture has been taken from the skin by shaving it, and it is important to replenish that moisture.
Anyone can learn The Art of Shaving. It just takes the right tools and a little patience. It will be worth it, however, and shaving can then be a pleasure instead of a pain.

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