Self Defense

02 Sep

The concept of self defense consists of many strategies, methods, techniques and tactics. The type of self defense technique that may need to be implemented solely depends on the situation of the individual that needs to defend themselves. The most common self defense techniques are taught in several different types of fighting forms. These self defense fighting forms are boxing, karate, muay thai, wrestling, mixed martial arts, kung fu, kickboxing and much more. A fighter that is experience at least a little bit in all of those fighting forms will be a very skilled and versatile fighter.

Some types of proper self defense training will consist of strength training, conditioning and body hardening. Strength training can begin with many different types of body weight exercises. Exercises that involve the body’s weight are push-ups, pull-ups, crunches and full body squats. Doing body weight exercises enables the fighter to be quicker in movements and reflexes. Performing enough of those exercises will result in the individual developing more fast twitch muscle fibers, which will make them stronger and faster. Self defense relies heavily on reflexes and quickness, as reacting to the assailant’s moves can make or break the situation for the one who is defending themselves. Self Defense

When walking anywhere alone, it may be wise to consider carrying a self defense tool. Not everyone has the will or ability to become certified handgun holders. However, just about everyone is able to carry an automatic knife. The knife may be portable and be perfectly fitting and vigilant in its view as it can be easily slipped in and out of the pockets. The automatic knife is perfect for self defense as the defender is able to use it with ease and quickness if needing to defend themselves. Automatic knives can be found in different shapes, colors, designs, weight and usability. Usually, the most important aspects of a knife for defending purposes are its weight, size and length of blade. Most states have knife laws which enables its citizens to carry a knife as long as it s blade is shorter than the state’s designated length. When a knife is bought for self defense purposes, it is recommended they enroll themselves in a self defense training course. Mishandling a knife in unexpected situations can be very dangerous to their well-being and safety. A training course will properly teach how to handle the knife with defending techniques without being nervous or confused. Taking self-defense courses which emphasize on the use of automatic knives will instill a great amount of confidence and skill for the student.


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