Root Canals

17 Jul

root canal2There is one way of saving a tooth whose root has decayed. If the root of a tooth has decayed, the root has to be pulled out. That would mean that the tooth would have to be pulled out with the root. A dental procedure that manages to save the tooth but take out the root is called a root canal. A root canal is a dental procedure that cuts out the root that is decayed but leaves the tooth in place. If you have to get a Root canal Birmingham, your dentist will also discuss the need of getting a crown to add stability to your tooth.
A Root canal birmingham is an expensive dental procedure but is preferable to leaving a gap in your teeth. If you allow gaps in your teeth from getting teeth extractions, you risk the inevitable consequence of a shifting of the rest of your teeth that will affect how well you can chew and, in some cases, your jaw outline which might affect your facial appearance. The importance of a full set of teeth is obvious to most people whose parents have dentures or who have friends and relatives with dental conditions. Once you have been told by your dentist that a root in your mouth needs extraction, you should discuss with him the options that are available to you.
One option is to simply have the tooth and root pulled out. Another option is to get a root canal. Your dentist is the best authority on which option you should choose. The points to consider are the location of the tooth, the strength of the tooth itself and whether it is also decayed, and the cost of the procedure or whether you can afford to get it done.
Your teeth are very important to you. Once they are extracted, you will have a hole or gap in the space that was occupied by your tooth. You will not have the luxury of youth and expect a permanent tooth to grow in since you are not a youth. If you are a youth who baby teeth are still occupying your mouth, you can simply have the tooth pulled and wait for your permanent tooth. If you are not a youth, your teeth and their healthy condition depends on the skill of your dentist and your responsible caring for their condition. Getting a Root canal birmingham is one possible option when faced with decay of a root that connects your teeth with your other teeth. That is a serious health problem and needs to be handled by a skilled and experienced dentist.

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