Reparing Your Driveway

18 Jun

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADriveways are a private access road towards a house or a small community such as a subdivision. These are made out of different materials but the most common substance being used is the asphalt. Asphalt concrete is made out from semi liquid petroleum and is very conducive for road construction materials.

Asphalt maintenance is easy since the material is durable. Cracks and simple holes are the most common problems in asphalt concretes, but these damages are easy to fix. When repairing asphalt driveways, it only needs a small amount of asphalt to patch up the cracks or holes. Asphalt maintenance and repair can be done by anyone as long as the equipment and sealers are provided. Always practice safety precaution before, during, and after the asphalt repair.

How to repair the driveway

A. Preparation

• Clear the area from weeds, debris, and other materials. Smoothen the cracks and surface to have a clean patch after sealing.

• Use a hammer and chisel to remove broken parts and pieces that are trapped or obstructed inside the cracks.

• Vacuum or use an air compressor machine to ensure that the area is completely clear from debris and loose particles.

• Place sign boards or warning signs that will inform the drivers that a driveway repair is to be done.

• Wear personal protective equipment such as eye goggles, mask, and rubber gloves to avoid unnecessary damages to the skin and eyes.

B. Fixing smaller cracks

• Crack fillers for asphalt are available in stores and are easy to apply. With the use of a caulking gun to fill the cracks or carefully pour the sealing to the cracks.

• Do not apply fillers on unaffected parts since it can stain the road.

• Smooth out the surface of the repaired area using a putty knife or a trowel. If these things are not available, a wood with a flat surface or using of gloves can be also be used to smooth out the area.

• Leave the filler and let it dry before using the asphalt.

C. Fixing larger cracks or holes

When filling a large crack, other filling materials might be needed to make the asphalt road more compact. Large cracks and holes may have a deeper or thicker damage which would need a large amount of sealer. Assistance may be needed when repairing the whole or crack since heavier equipment will be needed.

• Fill the crack with pulverized gravel and compact it with the use of steel tamper equipment or 4 x 4 wooden posts.

• After that, cover the crack with gravel with a cold asphalt compound.

• Compact the cold asphalt compound with the steel tamper and smooth out the surface.

• When more asphalt compound is needed to level the driveway, always tamper the cold repair component to flat out the surface.

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