Removing a Tattoo

23 Oct

Removing a TattooIf you have a tattoo that you regret, it may be time to consider getting it removed. A tattoo is meant to be a permanent thing, which can make it hard to get rid of. The removal process is often painful and frustrating. Many of the removal techniques are painful and can end up changing the pigment color of your skin. It is wise to consider at the pros and cons of tattoo removal before you spend your time and money getting a tattoo removed. Take a look at these Costa Mesa, CA, Tattoo Removal Before And After pictures to get an idea of what is involved with tattoo removal.


Some people have tried using dermabrasion to remove their tattoos. This painful procedure will involve sanding down or scraping the skin as this will leave behind a scar. Surgical removal of a tattoo is another problem that causes a scar. Sometimes the surgeries will end up being quite painful as you end up cutting out the tattoo and then sew the skin back together. There are some people that have tried removing the tattoo on its own by using a chemical peel. The acid solution will remove the top layer of skin and a scar will form in its place. It should be able to cover up any ink that is left behind from the tattoo. Freeze burning the tattoos will also cause some pain when it removes the tattoo, and it does cause scarring.


If you are having a hard time with tattoo removal, one of the best things you can do is to seek out treatment from a professional. Laser tattoo removal is a great way to remove a tattoo and to reduce the amount of scarring that you will see. The lasers will shine through the layers of your skin and will change intensity to remove the ink. It will focus on the contrast of ink and your skin tone. Over time it will start to break down the ink and helps the body to absorb the ink.


It is important to talk to your doctor about your condition as it can be different for everyone. Some people respond safely to laser treatments where others do not have the same results. There is a difference in the color contrast of your skin and the ink of the tattoo. Brightly colored tattoos are harder to remove and may take multiple laser treatments to properly remove the tattoo. Based on how well your skin heals from the removal process, you may end up with some changes in the skin pigmentation or it can lead to scarring. It is important to take time between treatments to allow the skin to heal. Most people will need at least six months to a year before they are able to have the tattoo completely removed.


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