Remodel Your Home to Give it New Life

18 Sep

Remodel Your HomeFeeling stuck in a rut in your current home? You don’t have to sell your home and move to get a fresh new start. Remodel your home to give it new life and make it feel new again. Huntsville remodeling can help you re-create your space so that it functions better, feels bigger, and creates excitement again. When you’re looking to update your home consider these primary areas for remodeling:

  • Create a more open floor plan from your existing space. One of the most common reasons that families with older homes begin looking for a new home is to find a place with a more cohesive or open living area. You can create this in your own home and make the entire home feel brand new. When looking to open up your space consider the primary function of your home and each of the spaces you want to combine. You will also need to work with an architect or engineer to determine if any of the walls you want to remove are load bearing. With building requirements understood you can determine just how big the new space will be and how to arrange the new design.
  • Update your kitchen. Your kitchen and family room are where your family spends most of their time. Opening up the space between the two allows for your family to be connected more. Updating your kitchen itself will make you feel like you just moved into a newer home. When updating your kitchen consider a simple update of surfaces and appliances or a complete remodel that includes changing the layout. If you’re working on a budget use the existing layout and determine if refinishing vs. replacing cabinetry is a good option.
  • Make over the bathrooms, or even add one. While kitchen remodels may add the most value, adding or remodeling a bathroom can often add the most functionality. In homes that feel small and crowded the addition of an extra bathroom can make you feel like you have more space in that it spreads family members out and relieves the pressure of time. Remaking a bathroom can help to make it feel fresh and new again.
  • If you’re looking for a way to make your entire home feel new again consider flooring and paint. Painting rooms in your home is an inexpensive way to not only change the look, but to give your home that brand new home smell. Flooring can be changed to make things feel fresh and new or to help change the style and function of individual rooms.
  • Consider outdoor spaces as well as indoor. Making the connection between inside and outside will make your home feel larger and make you love your home again. Adding a deck or patio, incorporating a gathering area or outdoor kitchen, creating a beautiful garden. All of these outdoor options can create a connection to your home that will have you spending more time outdoors.

When begin to feel that frustration with your current home and just feel like you need a change, consider the options remodeling can give you both in terms of function as well as investment. You’ll find that remodeling can be a better alternative to selling, searching, and buying a new home.

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