Proper Facial Shaving Techniques

26 Sep

Proper Facial Shaving TechniquesThe battle with men’s facial hair has been fought for thousands of years. The average man has as many or more than 25,000 hairs on his face. Each and every one is as stiff as a copper wire of a comparable thickness. These hairs grow from 5 to 6 inches per year or more, requiring approximately 3000 hours to shave them over the course of a lifetime. If a man chooses to keep a cleanly shaved head, then multiply these figures exponentially. That is a lot of shaving!

Men just like anyone else, can experience extreme irritation and/or bumps and ingrown hairs from shaving. Men who like to keep a neat clean-shaven face also need to take very good care of their skin to avoid these side effects. Once upon a time this involved using bath soap to lubricate the face prior to shaving, and aftershave containing alcohol to be used afterwards. Unfortunately, these items are not really the way to care for skin that is shaved regularly.

Traditionally, moisturizers, creams, lotions and astringents have been used for women’s facial care, even though they do not shave their faces. Personal care product companies finally began to realize that a man’s skin needed the same care, and possibly more due to the damage to skin caused by razors. Now, most companies who provide women’s facial care products offer men’s lines as well. These products are tailored to the needs of male skin which suffers from the side effects of daily shaving.

Products for shaving and related facial care for men are defined by three categories, the basic before, during and aftercare. It helps to soften the hairs and make them stand up for easier access if the process is begun by placing a hot wet towel on the face. This works because wet heat opens the pores of the skin, pushing the hair outward, and allowing any trapped dirt or dead skin to be removed at the same time. This is the reason that professional barbers use this technique before giving a customer a shave. The next step is to use a shaving gel, foam, oil, cream or soap best suited to skin type. This provides extra lubrication which far exceeds using regular bath soaps.

When shaving it pays to approach it in a slow and consistent manner, applying even pressure at all times. If more than one pass over the same area is needed to get the job done, then fine. The gentler the method of shaving, the less damage the skin will incur. When the shaving process is complete, the face should be rinsed first with warm water to remove all traces of the shaving product, and then with cool water to close the pores of the skin so that dirt cannot enter, then blot skin dry with a clean towel. Never rub the skin, especially immediately after shaving, as this can increase the instance of irritation. Apply astringent or aftershave containing alcohol for disinfection, followed by a moisturizers designed for fresh shaved skin. Visit New York barber for best services.


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