Preparing Your Kids For Grade School

28 Jun

kids_grade_schoolThousands of parents across the country struggle with the preparation of their children for entering the school system outside of preschool integration. Although great detail is being given as a whole by parents, some children are now even showing signs at the years of four and five to have the ability to adapt to social situations without as much influence as once first thought. This may be due to the increased speed of technology, according to theorists. Students at Irvine Montessori School have been researching this matter for the past few years, and the following is a summary of what they discovered.

What had began only three years prior in the mind of one Irvine Montessori School student, eventually evolved into a new way to think about getting your child ready for the leap. In order to do this, parents must be fully aware of how fragile the shifts of mental development are at the child’s early years. During infancy, a dependence is placed upon the parents to provide undivided attention at most times to ensure the survival of the baby. Once this infantile dependency exceeds its grace period, the parents should begin breaking away in this sense, allowing the child to adapt to its surroundings on its own somewhat.

By establishing a sense of inner direction and self sufficient behavior, the child will then begin to explore the world around it. Studies now show that this self sufficiency is of the utmost importance at the earliest age possible, in order to get the child mentally prepared for the first grade. Most children are excited to get moving through the class ranks, whereas others do not feel as much comfort in the idea of leaving their kindergarten environment. The main focus of the first grade is to establish a monument in the child’s psyche, preparing him or her to get a head start.

At this point in a child’s life, they are very impressionable. Find ways to associate their interests into the lessons you are trying to educate your child with on your own at home. Only you know your child best, no matter what level of education the educators have obtained. It is highly important for parents of every child to take on this role in order to not only prepare them for grade school, but for life in general. Unfortunately, not all children test as “gifted,” and for this reason, many parents are realizing the importance of not hindering a child’s developmental process at selfish expense.

These findings are breaking new ground in the areas of child development science. Not only that, they are giving new parents a head start in their own efforts to grow the best individual they possibly can.

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