Preparing your Home for a Child

23 Apr

Preparing your Home for a ChildThere are some critical steps to preparing for the arrival of a child. The arrival itself will be a hectic occasion; therefore, this process should be done well in advance. The process can be broken down into steps that ensure nothing is missed. This process should include, de-cluttering, cleaning and disinfecting, and a very important step, de-bugging. Missing any one of the steps can be harmful to the child and at the very least add stress to a time that can naturally be stressful. Follow these steps and the attention can be given to the arrival and the proud recipients of such a wonderful gift. The small things, like bugs and / or their waste, will not interrupt the focus. This can be detrimental to a child’s health. Reputable companies that guarantee their work should do this step well in advance and thoroughly. The people at are that type of company.

The de-clutter step is not only about cleanliness, although, this is the first step in that process also. It is about recognizing dangers that present themselves differently to the various stages of growth that a child has. Therefore, the de-clutter step can involve removing objects that may impair a crawling child’s path. The transition phase from crawling to standing is pulling up. Objects that cannot support the child in this effort should be removed. Toddlers can tip into large containers and small garbage pails and pull things from countertops onto themselves. They can also grab things to break their falls that can pull out. These objects can be table runners, clothing and cords.

Cleaning and disinfecting is so important it should be done in two steps. Once before and then again after the exterminators have treated. The process of cleaning should involve every surface in every room, including the floor. Every handle and doorknob should be cleaned and disinfected. Every object a kid can touch or put in their mouths should be addressed. Anywhere that adults involved with the child will be, have to be done. These areas include changing stations and bottle or feeding stations and the things contained in them.

Vermin, pests, and their waste are detrimental to a child’s health. Insects carry disease that can be re-deposited even after disinfecting. The mosquito squad at are professionals in this area. They say it is not only the visible pests that are a problem, but mosquitos and ticks carry disease and are often overlooked in the process. Ticks carry Lyme disease and can plague kids and infants with hard to diagnose symptoms that can lead to death. Mosquitos carry West Nile virus and it takes only one missed insect to cause major health problems in children and infants.


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