Must Have Shave Accessories

25 Sep

Hair is one of the important features that a person may be blessed with. However, it can also be a disadvantage, especially for women, when it grows in exposed areas of the skin. Fortunately, there are different methods of hair removal; and among these, shaving is the most convenient one.

Must Have Shave AccessoriesTips on Shaving

• Wash the skin before shaving.

It is important to keep the skin free from dry skin cells and excess oil before shaving. This will prevent them from getting into the razor and at the same time, reduce bacteria that may lead to infection. It will also make shaving a lot more easier.

• Exfoliate skin before shaving.

Before shaving, it is important to exfoliate the skin, to prepare and soften it. Shaving moist skin will prevent it from getting nicks and burns from the razor.

• Find the best razor.

There are different types of razor so users should test several to find the one that they are most comfortable with. Generally, the best ones are those with lubricated strips and multiple blades.

• Change razors or blade refills, regularly.

The blades of razors become dull after several uses and when people still continue to use them, their skin becomes more prone to nicks and wounds.

• Hold the skin taut while shaving.

When the skin is held taut, this makes it a flat and firmer surface that can make shaving easier. It also enables a cleaner shave.

• Avoid applying pressure when shaving.

A sharp razor blade should do the job of shaving efficiently so it is not necessary to apply pressure while shaving. This will prevent the skin from getting cuts.

• Apply oil or moisturizer regularly to shaved skin.

Shaving can leave the skin feeling dry so it is best to moisturize after showering. One of the best ones to try is an unscented after-shave balm from The Art of Shaving brand.

How An Unscented After-Shave Balm Benefits Shaved Skin

Every time a person shaves, there is a tendency for skin to be depleted of its natural moisture. Therefore, to restore this, it helps to use an after shave balm, which is unscented. This is soothing to all kinds of skin, especially the sensitive types. Aside from providing a smooth shave, it is safe to use everyday. The Art of Shaving unscented balm consists of 100% essential oils. It is designed for sensitive skin since it is both hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory. It does not contain any fragrance, synthetic dyes or alcohol that can cause harm when absorbed by the skin.


For people who have too much hair in exposed parts of body, shaving provides a convenient solution and it is important to consider the right tips in achieving a clean and safe shave. One of these is using an unscented after shave balm after shaving. This not only restores skin’s suppleness but allows a safer and more efficient way to shave.

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