Moving Into Your First Apartment

22 Nov

college_apartmentsMoving into your first apartment is an exciting time in your life. It is your first move towards independence and a milestone into adulthood. Whether your a student moving into the Wolverine Crossing Student Apartments or just making the move out on your own follow these steps to a successful and stress free move.

The first thing in making a move is to carefully consider the location. You may or may not according to preference want to be in the heart of the city or out in suburbs. If you are attending school you may want to be somewhere close by like the Wolverine Crossing Student Apartments or you may want an apartment complex close to your workplace.

You will need to do a thorough research of the apartments inside and out. Make sure the apartments are well kept and well insulated. Check the ceiling for water spots indicating a leaking roof. Make sure the appliances and bathroom facilities are all in working order. Find out if any utilities are included in the price of the rent. Is their availability to a laundry room, fitness room or swimming pool? Remember this is going to be your home so make sure you will be happy here.

After signing your lease, you will begin the move in process. Even though the apartment should already be clean for you, it is a good idea to give it another good cleaning before moving your furniture and belongs. Take a day to vacuum, mop, dust, clean the bathrooms, clean the windows and shampoo the carpet. After giving your new home a good spring-cleaning, it is time to move your things in.

The apartment complex may include some of the utilities with the rent but if not contact the electric company, internet provider, cable tv technician and phone company and set up appointments for your service to be turned on. You can go ahead and do this after your lease signing and the keys have been handed over to you. This way, by the time that you get all moved in, you will be up and running.

It is great if you can afford a moving company to relocate you to your new home but if not, enlist the help from some friends or family to help you move. Take only what you need and don’t haul the clutter over to make a mess of your new surroundings. Since this is your first move to an apartment, you may need to purchase furniture if you don’t have a furnished apartment. Shop the used furniture stores for some great looking buys at rock bottom prices. A futon is a great starter piece that can be used as a couch or pulled out into a bed. You don’t need a lot to start with, just add pieces over the course of time.

Another expense is getting your new apartment full of the staples you need for everyday living such as sugar, salt, pepper, condiments and flour. You will also need cleaning supplies, toilet paper and paper towels. This can get quite costly so shop the dollar stores and clip coupons.

Now that you have taken the leap to becoming self sufficient, you need to make a workable budget. List out all of your bills such as: rent, utilities, insurances, groceries, gasoline, entertainment and savings. Compare this to your income and make sure that you are able to pay your bills. You do not want to get into debt that you may never be able to get out of. There are many online resources that can help you with budget building. With a little planning whether going to school and living nearby at the Wolverine Crossing Student Apartments or living somewhere near your workplace you can live within a budget, get your education and still have fun.

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