Losing the Last 10 pounds

19 Sep

Losing the Last 10 poundsWeight loss is a matter that has a lot of concern among both men and women. There are a lot of ways through which you can remain in shape. You have to eat a balanced diet, drink lots of water and do enough exercises. People think that exercising is only when you enroll in a gym. Some may not afford the subscription fees giving them a tendency to procrastinate their exercising regime. Taking a walk, jogging and cycling are some of the ways through which you can exercise without spending a dime. Experience has shown that losing the last 10 pounds is harder than when you lost the first 20 or 30.

Here are some tweaks on attaining the final goal in your weight loss program:

Interval training

Whether you are training in the gym, jogging or walking, you should learn how to alternate between activities. This means that once you have undertaken vigorous training, slow down to something that is less tiresome. You could also do it the other way round by starting with moderately paced workout before picking up tempo. For instance, if you apply this technique in a workout that lasts 30 minutes, you end up burning more calories by about 20 percent than when you are using a steady rhythm.

Practice standing for an hour

It is natural that when you are doing your exercises, you hardly stand. Even if you do, it is only for a few minutes before proceeding with your routine. You can try practicing the standing technique by standing for some time at your desk, while at the doctor’s or watching a soccer game. Window shopping also provides you with an opportunity to stand. This is much better than spending time on the couch watching a movie.

Have a workout target

For instance, you can wear a pedometer as a way of prompting you to remain active while exercising. Another way would be to set some achievable targets and aim to hit them. For instance, if you have been doing two laps jogging round the school’s playing field, you could make that three and then four in a gradual process. As for the walking exercises, make it a purpose to add a mile or half of it each week. The idea here is to keep going for more step by step.

Avoid unhealthy foods

By all means, avoid fatty foods. On the other hand, reduce your intake of meat. Research has proven that vegans weigh less than non-vegans by an average of 20 percent. That does not mean ditching meat for good. Try eating more plant based food as these have a low amount of calories. They are also high in fiber and nutrients. Another alternative is that of taking fruit supplements such as the Xango drink.

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