Keeping Warm In The Winter

19 Nov

Keeping Warm In The WinterKeeping warm in winter is essential for health and well-being. Winter is a wonderful time of the year, but being uncomfortable because of being cold will take all the fun out of cold weather activities. It is easy to stay warm indoors. Crank up the heat a few degrees and put on a sweat suit and heavy socks and the deed is done. Staying warm while out of doors is another matter all together.

It is a fact most body heat is lost through the head and feet. When out of doors in cold weather a cap for the head and heavy socks for the feet will help keep body temperature from escaping. To keep the warmth in between the hat and socks, wear thermal underwear, wool pants, flannel shirts and for women, wear heavy womens sweaters.

Layering the clothing worn is also a good stay warm strategy. Instead of wearing thick and bulky clothes, wear several layers of thinner clothing. This will allow the outdoors person to remove clothing if the weather gets warmer or physical exertion is greater than expected and still keep warm.

While indoors, staying warm might require more than turning up the heat. With the cost of heat, it is more economical to wear heavy socks and a sweatshirt. Keep a warm blanket or afghan on the sofa and wrap up in the blanket while watching television or reading a book. Put an extra blanket on the bed as well to help stay warm while sleeping.

Water retains heat for an extended length of time and using a hot water bottle while sitting or sleeping will help anyone stay warm. Be sure to keep the bottle secure to avoid water leaking from the bottle. A wet blanket will not be a warm blanket, no matter how warm the temperature is.

Keeping storm windows closed will keep out the draft and if windows are worn, consider replacing them. Make sure the sun hits the house during peak sunshine hours. Trim shrubs, trees and other vegetation that may be preventing the sun from reaching the house.

Rugs and carpets on the floor will minimize heat loss through the floor. Walking on a carpet rather than a bare floor will feel warmer to the touch. The warmth generated from a floor covering will also help occupants keep warm in winter.


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