How to Keep your Car Insurance Rates Low After a Speeding Ticket

30 Apr

EMMA STONE Tries To Get Out of a TicketWhen receiving a speeding ticket, most motorists will see their insurance rates go up quickly unless they get help from TicketKick. Luckily, a driver can take steps to make sure that his or her insurance rates do not rise, or at the least, do not rise too drastically. Here are four tips to keep your car insurance low after a speeding ticket.

Go to court: When going to court, a motorist can plead his or her case to a judge. Sometimes, one can prevail in court and have the citation removed; however, this is not likely. In most cases, when going to court, a respectful defendant can get their speeding ticket reduced. When going to court, a driver should prepare for the process and bring any supporting evidence. Luckily, if a defendant loses in court, he or she still has other options.

Take classes: A driver who is unsuccessful in court should consider attending a traffic safety course. When taking a safety course, a motorist can remove points from his or her record. In most cases, a car owner can take classes to remove citations, but it is a good idea for the insured to verify that this is the case in their jurisdiction. When taking courses, a driver will have to spend around $100, but it will pay off in the end.

Look at policy: When looking to save money on insurance after a ticket, a motorist should reexamine his or her insurance policy. Usually, an insured person can drop unnecessary coverage as oftentimes a car owner has more coverage than necessary. A car owner with an otherwise spotless record would do well with this option. On the other hand, if a motorist has numerous citations, he or she will not save much money by switching companies or lowering coverage. Either way, after receiving a speeding ticket, one must look closely at their insurance policy.

Carpool: When a motorist carpools, he or she will save money in a couple of ways. For starters, a motorist who carpools will spend less money on gas. Furthermore, when carpooling, one can lower their insurance costs. Insurance companies determine rates based on miles driven; a driver who uses his or her car less will, naturally, pay lower insurance costs.

When a motorist receives a speeding ticket, he or she must act quickly. Unfortunately, most drivers do not do enough to protect their good name, and they end up higher insurance premiums. A motorist who follows these steps will be well on their way retaining their low insurance rates after they get a ticket for speeding.

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