How To Install A Pool

16 Nov

How To Install A PoolA swimming pool can provide so many hours of pleasure and also increase the value of your home. Keep in mind however that the contractor who installs the pool is important. You must be sure to have your new pool installed by someone with years of experience and know-how, therefore the Klapprodt Pool Company of Forth Worth, TX may be your answer.

For more than 25 years Klapprodt Pools have installed very basic pools to outdoor swimming areas which have not only a pool but perhaps a cabana, spa, or grill area with dramatic lighting. provides information about the many services provided by this company that includes a retail service which sells water treatment and tools for those confident to tackle their pool repairs themselves.
If you decide to do most of a pool installation yourself (or have some part of the installation done by a professional installer), be sure that you know exactly what is involved for this project.

You must investigate what building laws and codes that you must follow and apply for permits that you may need. Contact your utility company to schedule a time for them to come and locate any buried lines before pool digging is begun. The area where the pool will go must be excavated first. You may consider hiring a professional to do this if it will be a large pool.

The pool walls will be already assembled if you decide to choose a pool kit which comes with pre-fabricated walls. The two wall panels are attached by braces and these must be set by using concrete to be sure they are sturdy and secure. The plumbing that will attach the pool to the inlets, pump, automatic cleaner and skimmer must be placed accordingly. You can find the PVC pipe to finish the plumbing at any hardware or pool supply store such as Klapprodt Pools.

To construct the pool floor, sand, vermiculite and cement must be used in amounts that depend on the climate in which you reside. This floor is made by using a hand trowel. After the floor has dried then the liner for the swimming pool must be done. You can use a wet/dry vacuum to rid all of the air from underneath the liner. Prior to adding the water to the pool you must ensure that the backfill is done and any landscaping completed.

The Klapprodt Pool Company has been a family owned business since 1987. They provide biannual pool maintenance service, repairs, equipment upgrades and also sell pool supplies to help keep a pool running smoothly. If you are considering installing a pool or simply need pool toys or floats, be sure to visit

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