How To Detect Fleas Early

15 Jul

dog_fleasOwning a pet comes with a lot of responsibility. Learning how to care for your pet’s physical well-being is more than just feeding and walking them. Fleas can be a huge problem for pets. You need to know about the different pests that can hurt your pet and how to prevent them from causing your pet problems. Detecting fleas in an early stage can prevent your pet from getting an infection due to excessive scratching.

Fleas are a small parasite that will drink your pet’s blood. They make an animal miserable by biting them, causing them to constantly itch. If you do not catch a flea problem in an early stage, it leads to an infestation. This infestation is serious as it can get into your home and cause you problems. Fleas are not only going to attack animals, they can jump to your hair too.

Warm areas are always prone to problems with fleas. It is important that you always keep a flea collar on your animal. This is the best way to keep the fleas away. Fleas cannot survive in cold temperatures, so it is common to see an increase in flea problems during the fall to winter months. The fleas are moving indoors and you need to make sure you are frequently checking your animals for fleas.

To look for fleas on your pet, have them lie down, Take a small comb and separate the hairs around their tail, as most fleas tend to locate in this area. Look on their stomach and on their legs for any signs of fleas. They also travel near the ears and on the neck. If you notice your dog is scratching excessively, it often means you have a flea problem. It is a good idea to make sure you are checking them for any fleas outside to try and limit how many get inside the home. Look for a small brown insect, or a piece of dirt (the dirt is usually dried blood). The fleas also leave behind small pinpricks of blood that will appear as little sores on your pet. If your pet has been scratching a lot, they can rupture the skin more. This can lead to a serious infection.

You will need to sterilize your home and all bedding. Boric acid works well at destroying fleas and their larvae. You can purchase it in powder form and shake it all over your home so you can easily kill the fleas and their larvae. Try to let the powder work for at least 24 hours before you vacuum it up.

Take your pet to a Pet Clinic in San Ramon, CA, if you are concerned that your pet had fleas. Try to kill the fleas before you take them to the vet so you do not cause the clinic to become infested.

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