How To Choose The Right Fiber Optic Speed

02 Aug

892231With fiber optic technology becoming extremely popular all over the world, the benefits are for everyone to see. This technology eliminates the use of copper wiring for transfer and this results in 100% speed. The internet speeds are so fast because there is no actual wastage. This cutting edge technology is now being offered by many service providers and the speed is usually available at different rates. However, how does an average user choose the correct speed? Here are some pointers that can be helpful –

Starting FiOS Speed – This speed usually offers a 15/5 Mbps download-upload speed and is ideal for those people who mainly use the internet for checking up on social media and browsing. The speed for uploading pictures is pretty quick with this range and HD movies can also be downloaded under 45 minutes.

2nd Range Speed – In this range, offered speed is around 50/25 Mbps and this is definitely for those users who frequently play games online. Watching and downloading videos, movies and TV shows is also easy and under 15 minutes with this speed.

3rd Range Speed – With speeds up to 75/35 Mbps, this plan is ideal for those users who want the family experience. Multiple devices in the house can be used and adequately fast speeds are offered. People whose entire family uses the internet for videos, music and browsing should choose this range.

4th Range Speed – This range is for those families who have all the members using the internet heavily for gaming, downloading, uploading and watching movies. The speed range is usually around 150/65 Mbps which ensures that multiple devices of all the family members get a decent speed.

5th Range Speed – With 300/65 Mbps speed, families that detest any lag time in their internet activities would be extremely happy and satisfied. It is possible to keep all the internet guzzling devices on at all times with this speed range.

6th Range Speed – This is the fastest speed that fiber optic technology has been able to achieve so far. The speed range is around 500/100 Mbps which means that it would take mere seconds to download HD movies. Playing games online would also be seamless and without any lags. Families of gamers would benefit greatly from this ultimate and fastest plan.

With these pointers, users can now choose the best speed depending on their usage habits. Before choosing a plan, users should make a list of their internet usage. How many movies are downloaded every month? How many shows are viewed online? What are the internet usage hours in the household? Visit for more information.

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