Garage Door Maintenance That You Can Do Yourself

30 Dec

Garage Door Maintenance That You Can Do YourselfA secure garage is a crucial element to protecting your home and your vehicle. You must ensure that your garage door is fully functional at all times in order to guarantee a safe entrance and exit for you and your family members. A broken garage door can potentially malfunction so badly that it falls on your vehicle or even a member of your family. So, it is essential to keep your door fully functional at all times. Let’s take a closer look at how to perform a garage door repair in case of a malfunction.

First, we must dissect the design of a typical garage. Overhead style garage doors move in pieces or they can go go up and down as one large unit. Every garage door relies on a spring for movement. The sides of the garage has metal panels that allow the door to slide up and down while the spring provides the catalyst for movement. If the garage door isn’t functioning properly, examine the metal panels on your garage walls. You’ll want to take a close look at the mounting brackets that keep the metal stationed to the walls. Tighten up the bolts on the brackets with a screwdriver. Also, look at the metal paneling for disfigurement. If there is any damage, try to knock out the dents with a hammer or mallet. If the metal panels are seriously damaged then you must replace them as their malfunction could cause potentially harm your family and your vehicles.

Next, examine the tracks that the garage door slides along. Use a level to ensure that they are evenly aligned with one another. They must be at the exact same height on the walls. If they are not aligned evenly, use a screwdriver to loosen up the bolts that keep the mounting brackets in place and use a hammer to knock the tracks into the proper alignment. Use soft hits that are subtle enough to not damage the tracks. Once you are finished, take the level and re-examine the tracks to make sure that they are now correctly aligned.

If the door is making sounds when sliding up and down, clean the tracks with any household cleaner that you have on hand to remove debris and dirt. Also, consider applying a small amount of lubricant to facilitate the movement of the door. Spray a lubricant like WD-40 onto a cloth and wipe it along the inside and sides of the tracks. Clean the rollers as well and dry them along with the tracks once everything has been been lubricated and cleaned.

It should be noted that if you have a roll up garage with a single spring at the center for torsion, it will be dangerous to perform a garage door repair. The spring’s tension is of such a high magnitude that it could potentially injure you. Be sure to call a garage door technician if you own a single spring roll up style of garage door.

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