Finding Good Motorcycle Clothing

23 Sep

First of all it is important to understand what is good motorcycle clothing. Personal protective equipment is good motorcycle clothing and includes: a helmet, gloves, a sturdy jacket, strong pants, boots, goggles, ear plugs, a vest, and possible plastic armor in order to protect yourself against flying debris. Since the first line of protection in a crash is your clothing you want to make sure you find and order good motorcycle clothing to wear each time you ride your bike.

Finding Good Motorcycle ClothingAllstate insurance has some good tips when finding good motorcycle clothing. First they mention that it is no brainer that you want to walk away in the event of a crash, so don’t get too caught up in looking flashy and compromise quality in the process. First of all, protection starts at the top so look for the right helmet to protect your brain and head from potential injury. You not only want something that will protect your head, but something that gives you good visibility while driving on the road. Make sure you purchase a helmet that has passed either the DOT or Snell standards of safety to ensure you have a good helmet that has been put to the test and you can rest assured will perform well.

Some guidelines to finding the right helmet are: getting the proper fit, avoiding used helmets you want to purchase new, and that full-face helmets offer the greatest protection to you as the rider.

Next piece of advice you want to consider when you are looking for good motorcycle clothing is to remember good footwear. Not only do your feet help you to keep your balance when stopped at a red light, but they also take a regular beating from the elements while you are riding. Therefore, skip tennis shoes and go for some heavy duty motorcycle boots. You want to make sure whatever boots you buy have a solid and stiff rubber sole. Perhaps a boot with a small heel is a good investment because it can help your foot grip the pedals. Most quality boots are made from leather. Furthermore, they are usually extra enforced in prime areas such as shine, ankle and calf. This can help to better protect your foot and leg in an injury.

Lastly keep in mind comfort. You want boots that are snug, but that also provide proper circulation. You want waterproof boots, in case of inclement weather or terrain you may happen upon. Always make sure you dress for the potential accident or fall, rather than the trip you are taking. Safety should always come first when dealing with motorcycles. Now you might be wondering where you can find good motorcycle clothing that meets these requirements I’ve mentioned. Alpinestars is a great start for finding what you’ll need. They offer many different types of clothing including: racing suits, leather jackets, textile jackets, riding pants, gloves, boots, waterproof gear, protection and even off roading gear. They also carry a wide range of brands so you are sure to find something that’ll work for your needs.

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