Fashion for Kids

11 Mar

Fashion for KidsWhen it comes to kids and fashion, the opportunities are limitless to have the most stylish children on the block. From accessories like belts and shoes to the basics, like tops and bottoms, all kids can look great from head to toe. Parents can have a blast dressing their kids up to the nines, and can feel even better being able to make their kids look amazing on any budget as well.

The theme for kids’ fashion is fun, fun, and more fun. This is brought to light easily by eye-popping color and accents in both male and female fashions. Girls are easily adorned with bows on headbands, glittery bracelets, and mixmatched multi-colored socks, where young boys are taking on leather like champions in the form of cuffs and iconic jackets to go with any style.

Skinny jeans are popular for both girls and boys, and this trend isn’t just limited to classic denim. Skinny jeans in a variety of prints, from animal prints to florals to neon colors are great for kids of all ages. Also popular among the younger children are puffy vests and glittery sweaters with fake fur accents. For girls, purple, pink, and orange are hot hues to beat, and for boys denim and a shirt to match Kobes are all the rage in popularity and fun.

Even kids’ hair has taken a fashionable turn. Gone are the days of pigtails and buzz cuts, replaced by shaggy bobs and side-swept bangs, and even highlights for the older children. Since kids are more in tune to what they like in the world of style, they are not only making more mature clothing choices, but opting for more ‘grown up’ style haircuts as well.

For backpacks and accessories, parents can expect one-shoulder bags and leather satchels to replace the traditional backpack. Even the classic style of backpack has been given a makeover and comes in a variety of colors and tones to mimic satchels and handbags for girls, and briefcases and business bags for boys.

Whatever style a child has, they can find their voice with today’s modern fashion choices. With a variety of styles and accessories to choose from fitting any budget, parents can help indulge their children in their fashion desires without breaking the bank. From shoes to socks to basic pieces, kids of all ages are taking fashion by storm and loving every second of it.

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