Essential Information About Common Types of Swing Sets

12 Mar

The two most commonly purchased varieties of swing sets are wood and plastic. And each type of material has its benefits and drawbacks. Unfortunately, when families are shopping for the best swing set for their kids, they are often confused about which will work for them. Here is a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Plastic sets demand low maintenance. This is unlike their wooden counterparts that require a lot of attention in terms of adequate care and maintenance. Due to their durability nature, plastic swings require very minimal care even a substantial number of years. Cleaning them is also quite easy.

Another great attribute that makes plastic swings stand out from the rest is that fact that they are cheap. What makes them cost way cheaper than their counterparts is that their materials are also cheap. Their affordable nature makes plastic swing sets a darling of many in comparison to the metal or wooden set.

In comparison to the metal and wooden sets, plastic swings take pride in their safe nature. They guarantee safety to the users who mostly are children. Kids are prone to all kinds of injuries especially during slipping offs. Parents and guardians need not worry because their little bundles of joy are safe while having fun using the plastic sets.

Shifting focus to wooden sets, it is of utmost importance to note that they bring with quite a number of amazing features. One of the great features has to do with giving the backyard an incredible natural and scenic look. Wooden sets have a way of adding magic to any outdoor setting thus making the entire look awesome. The good attribute about wooden sets is that they blend excellently with any type of backyard.

Secondly, wooden swings take pride in their ability to be easily customized. Unlike other swings, individuals can have theirs customized according to the most preferred shape or design. This simply adds more beauty and attractiveness. Creativity is surely put to test. If one has a taste of art, they can surely come up with such a magnificent swing.

Wooden sets are very easy to repair. This stands out as the other big plus of these kinds of swings. Damaged wooden swings require an easy kind of repair that does not take substantial amount of time. Those that get damaged in the process of children having fun can easily be replaced. Detaching of broken parts and replacing them is more than easy.

The two remain the most used swings of all time. There is no doubt about that. Having looked at both their strong points, it is important to highlight some of the drawbacks of each of these sets. Starting the wooden set, its main drawback is the fact that it is prone to pest attack. Plastic set on the other hand has never been a favorite of many kids. They do not appeal at all visually.

The above information is useful as it sheds light on the two popular swing sets. With such details, parents and guardians can make sound decisions while making purchases or shopping.


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