Deciding on Sequins vs. Pastel Style Dresses

21 Sep

Designer Prom Dresses

When prom comes around this year we could see a wide range of prom dress styles as well.  This year’s trends allow for a variety of different dress styles that will allow you to find the perfect dress.  From simple elegant and classic designs to designer prom dresses with flair you’ll see a wide selection in not only color but cut, style, and fabric choice as well.  When deciding on the dress you’ll be faced with sequins and sparkle vs. pastel and more simple styles.  Here are some items to consider:

  • Sequins and beads are showing up on almost every style of prom dress imaginable.  Whether you are looking for an all over sequined look or simply looking for the added style of beading on your dress you will have many different options to choose from.
  • Sequins can add an additional element of style to your dress.  Even a dress with the simplest of lines can be more elegant when covered in sequins.  Sequins add an extra dimension to the look and feel of the dress.  The sequins catch and reflect light changing the color or adding drama to your prom dress.
  • Sequins can help to make a dress feel more formal.  If you look at two identical dresses, one with sequins and one without, the dress that is covered in sequins will automatically look and feel more formal than the other dress.  You can add sequins, beads, or glass elements to any dress to make it instantly feel more formal and elegant.
  • Sequins can be flashier and stand out more than a simpler pastel style dress.  Knowing your own style is most important when making the final choice in prom gowns.  A simply pastel style dress can be just as elegant depending on how it is worn and accessorized.
  • Pastel style dresses are often considered more delicate.  They add to a sense of being dainty or demure.  When you are dancing a pastel style dress made from a more flowing material will glow gently as you glide across the dance floor adding to the elegant look and feel of the evening.
  • Pastel style dresses can help to accentuate your figure.  If you have the right figure and want to show it off, choosing a more simple and fitted pastel dress is a good choice.  A simple pastel dress in the right style will fit and flow perfectly.
  • Pastel style dresses speak of maturity and classic style.  Because a more simple and classic pastel style dress is understated it speaks more to maturity and a classic elegance and style.  Without all of the highlights of added elements to the dress you simply notice the style and the design.

When choosing between dresses covered in sequins or a more simple pastel design, the important thing to remember is to find one that expresses your personality as well as allows you to feel completely comfortable when wearing.  You can find many of the same dress styles in a variety of materials and design styles to choose from.

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