Creating a Fun and Friendly Kid Backyard

20 Jun

backyard1Spending time outside can reduce arguing among siblings, improve children’s sleep, and increase creative thinking and imagination. No matter the size of the yard, you can use simple landscaping ideas to create an environment that children find inviting and stimulating. A backyard doesn’t have to be huge and full of expensive playground equipment to be loved by kids.

Safety First

Remember that you’re designing your backyard for kids. Make sure plants and flowers are not toxic, poisonous, or thorny. For younger children, avoid water features and stone work or other things with sharp edges. Try not to use herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers, especially on grass or plants your kids might play with or on. You may want to also consider using a fence to fully enclose your backyard, especially if you live near a street with heavy traffic.

Open Space

Open space invites imaginative play. Allow part of your yard to be open space. Try to find a level patch to use and plant only soft grass or ground cover plants. Even a small yard should have at least a little bit of open space.


As much as possible, plant a wide variety of plants and flowers around your yard. You may want to plant a vegetable garden or fruits or berries. Your children will be able to see the plants grow and flower. Flowers attract butterflies, honey bees and other insects. Some flowers will also attract hummingbirds. Consider providing small, clear plastic containers for your children to use to collect “specimens.”

Allow Digging

Providing a digging space in your yard will prevent kids, especially young children, from digging where they shouldn’t. You can use a sandbox, an unused raised garden bed, or a small area of the yard. Providing shovels, buckets, and gardening tools, such as hand-sized rakes, spades and hoes, will increase the attractiveness of a digging area. Young children will especially love to mimic using the tools they’ve seen you use in the garden.

Provide Space for Rest

If you have a space that’s ideal for resting outside, your children are less likely to head indoors and get sucked into television shows, games or other electronics. Provide a quiet, shady spot where your kids can read books, eat a snack or just relax. You can plant tall plants, such as sunflowers, in a border to provide walls around an area with soft grass or ground cover plants. Large rocks can also be situated to provide a shady hideout.

Landscaping can take time and effort. If you have a particularly large yard or just don’t want to do all the work yourself, consider finding a Macon Landscaper to help. Additionally, a professional may be able to make suggestions or give you ideas you hadn’t thought of.

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