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Self Defense

02 Sep

The concept of self defense consists of many strategies, methods, techniques and tactics. The type of self defense technique that may need to be implemented solely depends on the situation of the individual that needs to defend themselves. The most common self defense techniques are taught in several different types of fighting forms. These self […]

Watch YOUR Show

28 Aug

If you’re not sick of those cartoon theme songs, then you’re one in a million! With the kids finally out of the house you can actually watch something you want to watch. Give yourself a day or two to catch up on all your favorite shows, guilt free! Nobody will be there to tell you […]

Throwing A Puppy Party

09 Aug

Birthday parties are not just for human family members. The family puppy deserves to have a birthday party too. But what are the best puppy party places? Most traditional birthday party spots will not allow four-legged friends to run around their establishments. However, most cities and towns do have dog friendly areas in which the […]

Good Dental Health for a Lifetime

19 Jul

The health of your teeth and gums can have an impact on your body’s overall health. Practicing good dental hygiene from a young age can contribute to good health for a lifetime. Brushing your teeth with your children and encouraging them to practice good dental hygiene will set the path for a lifetime of beautiful […]

Great Summer Looks for Less

12 Jul

Great summer looks for what you can afford is exceptionally important. No one wants to break their bank trying to find the looks that don’t cost a fortune. There are a variety of things that can be done in order to get the look at price that is affordable. Here is what you can do […]

When Should My Child Get Braces

09 Jul

Every parent hopes that their children’s teeth will come in perfect and straight. Some children’s teeth do come in straight or with a few small misalignments, but others have major issues. A misalignment can cause major issues with eating and speaking. Because of the issues a misalignment can cause, it is necessary to realign teeth […]

Finding A Good Retirement Community

01 Jul

You can find a great retirement community to fit your desires and needs no matter what your current health situation is.  There are an abundance of options available to you to leave you feeling perfectly comfortable, content, and enjoying life.  When you seek good residential care Columbus will deliver. A great option for you as […]

Preparing Your Kids For Grade School

28 Jun

Thousands of parents across the country struggle with the preparation of their children for entering the school system outside of preschool integration. Although great detail is being given as a whole by parents, some children are now even showing signs at the years of four and five to have the ability to adapt to social […]

Shaving 101

24 Jun

Everyday brings the same chore for men, the chore of shaving. Many men do not look forward to this chore due to the pain of razor bumps or burning on the face due to sensitivity of the skin. Many have switched to using an electric razor but this, too, can be quite painful. Men today […]