Best Couples in History

31 Aug

Best Couples in HistoryWhat are some of the best couples in history that you can use as an idea for your Halloween costume this year? Attending a fun holiday party, and showing your mark as a power couple with a cool costume is a way to have people talking for years to come. Ever try on the Princess Leia as a Slave costume? You might want to give it a shot this year, especially if you have been working on your body and you want to show it off. Your partner can pair up with a cool stormtrooper costume or enjoy the classic Chewbacca costume. There are some awesome costumes out there for couples that will be fun to wear and show off this holiday season. Here are some funny matching costumes you need to consider to really show off to your friends.

Cleopatra and King Tut

While Cleopatra was technically with Antony, King Tut definitely makes a cooler costume. This costume allows you to feel just like royalty of old. Top off your awesome costume with a number of cool accessories like gold necklaces, along with bracelets and earrings. Check here some more:

Elvis and Marilyn Monroe

Who doesn’t know this iconic couple? This is always a fun one to dress up like, especially since you can become creative with your roles and start talking like them. The rocking style of Elvis wouldn’t be complete without the sideburns, gold glasses, and of course the dancing hips. Marilyn is always a fun role for a woman as she is considered one of the original sex symbols of all time. The white dress is always a blast to wear. Don’t forget to add a mole to your upper lip, and some deep red lipstick to bring Marilyn back to life.

Scarlett and Rhett Butler

Want to be swept into the iconic film, Gone with the Wind? This couple is one of the iconic couples of all time, and great to bring to life in a Halloween party. With the unique dress and class of Scarlett, you can complement the sleek look of Rhett Butler, the man of your dreams.

Santa and Mrs. Claus

Who doesn’t love the Christmas season? Why not bring some of the sweet spirit of Christmas to Halloween? This is always a fun couple to dress up like, especially if you want to hide a little bit of extra weight. Plan on being a little toasty in this costume since it is slightly warm for Halloween. Remember to add some white hair and a beard to the Santa costume, and some grey or white hair to bring Mrs. Claus to life for your exciting Halloween party this year. It’s one that will get a laugh out of your friends for sure!

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