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02 Jul

basketballIf you are a rec league coach and want to impart wisdom of the game to your athletes, it is important that you figure out some basic fundamentals to teach them. This is extremely important, so that, as they develop a love for the game and continue through the ranks, they are able to make the most of it and build upon the skills they have learned. You can also stock up on everything that you need in the way of equipment by shopping at Baton Rouge sporting goods stores. These stores will help you stock up on balls, bags, practice wear, uniforms, whistles, clip boards, sneakers, and any other kind of equipment that will come in handy during your time as a coach.

The most important skill you should teach to your kids is the importance of defense. The old cliche goes, offense sells tickets, defense wins championships. It is far more important that you learn to prevent the other team from scoring, because defense will see you through offensive droughts. They should learn the basics of zone defense and man-to-man. Some basic zones to teach children include 2-1-2 and 1-3-1. These are defenses they can master and build upon as they gain experience.

You should also teach them the importance of proper shot mechanics. Rather than stressing haphazard shooting, they should develop a stance they are comfortable with, in addition to remembering the importance of being square to the basket, putting arc on the ball and following through. When an athlete remembers the fundamentals of shooting throughout the course of a game, and practices these fundamentals early and often, their shots will still go in when they are tired, because they are keeping tabs on the proper mechanics, instead of relying on their athleticism.

Shot selection is also a very important thing to teach kids. Impart to them the value of selecting intelligent shots, rather than just throwing up whatever prayer they have in front of them as soon as they get the ball. Since they are children, it becomes more important to take higher percentage shots, since they may not be strong enough to get the ball to the basket from long range. Even if they are able to make low percentage shots, they need to understand that it is worth two points either way, so they are working harder for the same amount of points!

Regardless of what you are looking for in terms of coaching, you will find it to be a rewarding experience. You can also stock up on everything that you need with Baton Rouge sporting goods stores. These Baton Rouge sporting goods stores are stocked with everything that you need to teach and for your players to learn.

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