20 May

lvv6This is a question that many people ask. Some feel that if health supplements are healthy enough for humans to ingest, they can be good enough for pets. Now I’m not here to debate whether or not it’s actually healthy. All I am here to do is discuss the many benefits attached to a health supplement like LifeVantage.

Here’s one disclaimer before we carry on. Some are going to be necessary, others are not going to be. It’s up to you to find out which ones are which, if you do decide to add health supplements to your dog’s diet.

1)A health supplement can actually increase the energy level of your pet. Pets are just like us. As we age, we tend to slow down. Well some of us do, anyway. Pets have the same issues as us humans. This also tends to happen with dogs who are sick. Amy type of illness will take a lot out of your dog. These supplements can bring a much-needed boost to their immune system.

Now be careful how much you give to your dog. It’s like anything else in life, moderation is absolutely necessary.

2)It can give your dog a healthier skin or coat. There is something known as an Omega 3. It’s like a fish oil. It’s very healthy for the skin, both inside and out. Fish is very healthy for humans and dogs, so is the oil extracts you can get from the supplement. This will also reduce the shedding. Your dog;s coat will be so shiny, like its brand new.

3)It’s also good for the immune system. As we age, different things within our body tend to break down. The way we feel in our twenties is not necessarily going to be the way we feel in our 40’s or 50’s. Same thing goes for dogs. As I said, dogs go through much of the same feelings and experience as humans do, they just have a different way of expressing it. Different doesn’t always make it wrong. Remember this. Your dog’s immune system will need more help as he/she gets older. Which is why a regular and healthy dose of supplements can really do the trick.


While this is not exactly an endorsement for health supplements, it’s also not a negation of them either. As long as you do the proper research and invest your money wisely in the right company, your dog will reap the benefits.

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