Alarm Monitoring Basics

23 Sep

disarming alarm systemThere are only two basic reasons to have a home alarm monitoring system installed in your home, that us property protection and lastly, personal protection. Personal protection means just what it says and is defined in the alarm monitoring world as having a system in place to protect you and your friends and family when the home is occupied. Conversely, property protection guards you, your friends and your families personal affects and important pieces of property (such as cash, jewelry and computers) from theft.

Property protection is the easiest of the two different kinds of alarm monitoring to quantify, especially in real time whereas personal protection is much hard given the variables (people as opposed to static objects) involved. All property protection alarm monitoring systems take into consideration during their layout and construction the typical patterns of household break in’s, the layout of one’s house (such as what areas are easiest to access and which are the hardest), as well as a large number of other relevant statistics.

According to the most relevant and objective statistics on the subject, 90 percent of all break in thieves try to gain access to one’s home through unlocked doors and windows. Contrary to what Hollywood would have you believe, most criminals just are not very smart or sophisticated (no laser glass cutters, sorry). Once inside, research has shown that the second thing a cat-burglar is likely to do is open some other portal. This will be their exit route and will be helpful if they are caught in the act. Given this information a useful alarm monitoring system would go something like this: attach alarms to, all inside-outside connecting doors, all garage doors, the inside all first story glass windows, stairways connecting to a different level of a home, beginning and midsections of corridors which branch off to sleeping quarters, entrance/exit to and from basement areas.

Motion detectors are the most commonly used type of burglar deterrent and home protection hardware. Take care, however, when using motion detectors, especially if you have pets or young children and are often away. As your children and pets may accidentally set off the alarms. The last thing you want is to be called away from work and show up at your house only to find a bunch of police officers surrounding your darling chihuahua, Sparkles. Because of this rather easy to stumble upon problem, make sure you install, or have whom ever you are hiring to install, the motion sensitivemonitors far above the level where most pets and young children will be able to set them off. One of the best ways to save on alarm monitoring is really know your spacing in regards to the interior of your home. When you know all the angles for access into your home you will need far fewer monitors which means more money for you and less false alarms for Sparkles.

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