Archive | March, 2014

Giving up a Drug Addiction

24 Mar

One of the worst parts of drug addictions is that they are hard to break. Most addicts do not take drugs with the intention that they will become addicted, and they think they will be able to stop. Some people fall into this trap because their friends are doing it, while others do this because […]

Fashion for Kids

11 Mar

When it comes to kids and fashion, the opportunities are limitless to have the most stylish children on the block. From accessories like belts and shoes to the basics, like tops and bottoms, all kids can look great from head to toe. Parents can have a blast dressing their kids up to the nines, and […]

Haircare Tips to Prevent Split Ends

07 Mar

Whether we want to admit it or not, most of us want to change our looks in some fashion. Maybe in a large sense, or maybe just something small and simple to better accentuate our natural beauty. We all know that makeup has helped many women look prettier and have more confidence in themselves because […]