2 Options For Affording Brand Name Clothing For Kids

23 Apr

Ever wonder how parents afford brand name clothing for their kids. They have secret strategies that they use to get those expensive brand names; therefore making it seem easy. Putting a bunch of impressionable kids together in the school system can be expensive… to your clothing budget. Why? Well, it is an unfortunate truth that it can start as early as grade school for kids to start to want to be like friends and peers within their school system that they admire. This can translate into wanting to have and flaunt the same expensive brands of clothing that they wear.

A small thing you may think to buy those brand name pieces of clothing for your school-age child. Not if you have to find the expendable budget for it. Some of those brand name pieces of clothing can cost upper to $40 for one item. Then if you factor in the growth rate of those grade-schoolers; well, that brand new pair of pants can look like a wasted expense. That child may only fit into that brand name apparel for a mere few months.

But no parent wants to disappoint their child that wants to have more input into what they wear for clothing. So they will sacrifice and save and then drop it all on purchasing those brand name pieces of clothing for them. What other choice do they have? There are options out there.

eBay And Amazon

Many parents have found that choosing to shop on sites like eBay or Amazon is a very palatable one for their pocket book. The great advent of Internet technology has made it so that parents have more options to buy brand names and save. There are many sites that offer gently-used brand name clothing. This allows you to provide your child with those brand name items of apparel but not to spend a lot. How can this not be a win-win situation? This even makes the fact that they may only wear those brand names for a mere few weeks more okay, when you factor in how much they’ll cost you.

Plato’s Closet

Okay, saying the word second-hand store makes shopping there not so appealing. But believe this, it is very appealing when you see what difference in price those brand names will be offered at. Plato’s Closet is one such place that offers those great gently used prices on your name brand clothes. If you don’t have a Plato’s Closet near you, you may be able to find a second-hand store similar to Plato’s via an online search. You may even be able to try using gently used clothing in your search. But it is an almost definite possibility that there will be one if not more in your area that can help you save on purchasing those brand name apparel items.

Is it cheating to buy pre-worn clothing for you children? Heck no! It’s merely smart-shopping. These gently used, repurposed pieces of clothing are usually ranked in condition so you always know exactly what you’re buying, no surprises here. You are merely providing those needed brand name pieces of apparel, but at a price that you can afford which won’t send you spiraling into debt. You are also helping to go “green” in your choice of apparel purchase. So no matter which way you look at it, it’s a win-win!

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